Our Philosophy

The B.A.S.E. Model

At GenFit, you will find a welcoming environment, challenging movement opportunities, and a community of students who learn and grow together. We approach movement with insatiable curiosity and always seek to learn by offering special programs and guest speakers. We have books on hand and qualified instructors to answer any questions you may have. 

In order to establish expectations, we use four movement elements: Balance, Adaptability, Strength, and Endurance, or B.A.S.E. Each of these elements is integrated by our instructors and highlighted in our classes. 


Our bodies are made to move as a whole. A healthy body is a well rounded body. Exploring new and challenging avenues of movement will continually stimulate growth and develop the mind body connection. As our bodies move and function as a whole, so do our lives. Life is a big picture. There is freedom and responsibility, the time to work and the time to play. A balanced life is a healthy life.


Ready for anything. Adjust to the unknown. The physical and mental autonomy to meet any challenge. Our workouts keep the body and mind guessing. We throw curve balls and push limits to build the fortitude to meet and overcome unforeseen obstacles. We place high emphasis on movement quality to build strong mobile bodies, resilient to injury.  We only have so much control over what life throws our way. What IS in our control is how we react. How we adapt.   


We pull from a well of strength to meet and overcome resistance. Whether it’s fighting to push ourselves off the ground after one too many burpees or fighting to pick ourselves up after life overwhelms us and beats us down. We develop strength inside and out - both physical and mental toughness.


We condition, we push our lungs until they’re on fire. We move our bodies until they are on the verge of collapsing...then we push them further. We elevate the level of fitness, we build capacity, endurance, longevity. Movement and fitness is a life-long journey with no destination or goal, save to do it HOW we want for as long as we can.