A Gym is a Not a Building

culture Jul 08, 2020


The picture below may look like just a piece of rock, but it’s actually quite special. Enough so to inspire a guy that doesn't really write, to write.

 The reason this little hunk of rock is special is because it belonged to the building of the gym I owned was in before it was demolished.

Don't worry. We moved out and found a new home before that happened. 

 The building was finally torn down to make way for a new structure in Denver. I’ve lost count of all the different buildings GenFit(also once known as Genesis Fitness)has been in. 

When I became the owner of GenFIt in 2017, it was with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. I had never dreamed about owning a gym. I had no business experience. I saw an opportunity and I took it because I was driven by one certainty. I would give this place and these people all I could give.

To me, GenFit and its history have always been about the culture, people, and the connections. The physical...

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