A Gym is a Not a Building

culture Jul 08, 2020


The picture below may look like just a piece of rock, but it’s actually quite special. Enough so to inspire a guy that doesn't really write, to write.

 The reason this little hunk of rock is special is because it belonged to the building of the gym I owned was in before it was demolished.

Don't worry. We moved out and found a new home before that happened. 

 The building was finally torn down to make way for a new structure in Denver. I’ve lost count of all the different buildings GenFit(also once known as Genesis Fitness)has been in. 

When I became the owner of GenFIt in 2017, it was with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. I had never dreamed about owning a gym. I had no business experience. I saw an opportunity and I took it because I was driven by one certainty. I would give this place and these people all I could give.

To me, GenFit and its history have always been about the culture, people, and the connections. The physical gym has moved locations and changed hands more than a few times and, through it all, the heart and soul of this fitness community has endured and come out stronger each time.

As we navigate life’s never ending challenges, we must continue to adapt. We must remind ourselves our culture and connection is not confined to the four walls of the gym.

A gym is not the workouts, it is not the equipment, it is the shared experience we have with our coaches and each other. It is friendships and growth, and the feeling of belonging to something. It is being on this journey of bettering ourselves together. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences to feel this connection and growth.

 I hope wherever you are, you are staying connected to the people and experiences that enrich your life.

 To your health and happiness,




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