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Our conditioning classes push your limits and focus on developing body awareness, power, physical, and mental toughness. We combine a wide assortment of movements to make the workouts dynamic, varied, and effective.


Strength classes use simple and accessible tools such as your own bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells to build overall muscle and joint integrity, develop strength, and movement quality. 


In our Mobility classes, we increase control over end ranges of motion. Proper mobility training will make your joints more resilient, mitigate injury, and provide more freedom of movement for the activities you love.


Ryan Trificana 

Ryan is a GMB certified trainer and his teaching has been influenced by many movement disciplines. He has been a student of CrossFit, martial arts, yoga, break dancing, and gymnastics. He has played competitive sports, excelling at hockey and running in particular. He views movement as a means of connecting the mind and body as well as to the world around us. You can expect traditional forms of exercise in Ryan's classes as well as elements of dance, games, and animal movement patterns. 


Stephanie Webb

Stephanie is certified in Functional Range Conditioning, Buti Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt, and she is trained in Floor Flow©, and pole dance instruction. She has taught many different classes, including boot camp, HIIT, yoga, mobility, flexibility, hand balancing, recovery, conditioning, and loves to work one-on-one for mobility needs. She believes that movement connects people, and she has a proclivity for professing in class with educational monologues about why you are doing what you are doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month you will have three new workouts added to the platform. One strength, one conditioning, and one mobility class. Each class is between 15 and 30 minutes. 

You can combine sessions and workouts to meet your needs each day. You also get access to a growing movement library of exercises, stretching techniques, and other educational resources. You will also receive an email each month updating you when new workouts are added.

These workouts are designed for home/hotel/apartment gyms.

While there will be workouts that require no equipment, to get the most out of the membership have access to a few dumbbells or kettlebells.

The GenFit gym membership is separate. However, if you are one of our online members and want to try a GenFit workout at our facility, your first class is free!


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