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Connecting people and ideas
through movement
GenFit is a neighborhood garage gym offering classes that challenge the body as well as the brain. Our signature Boot Camp classes are known as the hardest in Denver, and they are a staple in the schedule. Our forthcoming classes - Barbells and Bodyweight, Buti and restorative yoga, and Movement - are intended to supplement the Boot Camp classes to create movement patterns that encourage diversity and longevity. 

We strive to create an inclusive space that encourages you to connect with others and develop mindful movement patterns for life. 

"There is absolutely something special and undeniable about the training, community, friendship, ownership and the facility itself at GenFit." - Trevor Bennion

Our Program
Our Philosophy
Our Team
Regardless of experience, you’ll work hard, you’ll sweat hard, you’ll maybe cry a little, and you’ll leave feeling exhilarated and accomplished.
GenFit disrupts traditional fitness routines that encourage movement as maintenance by offering an approach to movement that changes people for life. 
Instructors are encouraged to get creative with their movements, class content, and equipment. There are no limits to what you will experience at GenFit.
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